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We want to retire in a small town, under 1,000 people, nestled in a small, scenic river valley.  It must have live theaters, art, and an exercise facility. Helps if it is located near a world-class medical facility, with a metro area offering great shopping. Real estate prices should be moving higher than the rest of the country.  The area must provide us with places to dance, kayak, x-country ski, and snowshoe, plus opportunities to learn to golf and fly fish.  It would be nice if there was a movie theater nearby where you can attend a first class movie for $5, get a real bottle of pop, and be able to bring your own popcorn container for unlimited $4.50 popcorn, plus a great arts, music and theater venue.  A scenic bike trail for our friends would be great, but for us we prefer open, curvy roads with lots of hills, providing a fantastic view, and thrilling downhill speeds.  It would also be helpful if many others there are retired, so it would be easy to make friends.


We enjoy the change of seasons, and prefer to stay in Minnesota to be near our children, but don't want to endure mosquitoes.


When we get bored or cold we'll just hook up our camper, load up the trikes, and take off for a few months.


Sound impossible?  We found all of this available in Lanesboro.


Perry & Terry Butler

Key Words:  Lanesboro, Real Estate, Church Hill, Condominium , condominiums

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