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1. Is there a website?

Yes. It is


2. Is there a condominium association established?

Yes, the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Declaration, and House Rules & Regulations are current and available to view on the website under the "Condo Docs" tab.


3. Is there a Board of Directors?

There is a board of up to five members that meets quarterly or more as needed. 
The annual meeting is held in the spring.


4. Are there any unsold units?

Unsold units can be found by clicking the link "Units For Sale" in the header above.


5. What are the property taxes?

Property taxes will vary depending on the size and degree of completion of the unit. The CHS Condo Association has a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) agreement with the City of Lanesboro whereby it receives approximately 80% property tax rebate on the city and county portions of property taxes paid. This TIF rebate will be passed on to the individual owners in the form of an annual rebate. This rebate will exist for a limited number of years. A copy of the TIF agreement is on the website.


6. What are the monthly fees?

Currently $440, which includes common space items such as cleaning, maintenance, heating, cooling, lawn mowing, snow removal, gardens, insurance, high speed internet service, common water softener, and a Reserve Fund for future major expenses. This association fee is reevaluated annually and approved by the Board of Directors.


7. Can I build out the interior of the unit myself?

Yes. However, all electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler system work must be done by state licensed contractors. ALL CONTRACTORS working in the building need to provide Certificate of Insurance prior to commencement of work. Construction rules and regulations are available on the website.


8. Is there indoor parking?

Public parking is available in front of building with two available car heater plug-ins. However, all units have a door opener to use for loading, unloading and access to indoor elevator. There is possible indoor parking rental space or resale from other owners.


9. Is there a security system?

All interior common areas are locked. Your individual unit key will open all common space doors. The main front door has a telephone dial door entry system.


10. Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is allowed in your unit only. Smoking is not allowed in common spaces, inside and outside.


11. Can we have pets?

Pet policy states 1 dog and/or 2 cats, but certain dog breeds are not allowed.


12. Can I rent or sublease my unit?

You may rent your unit for 90 days minimum. This is subject to annual renewal approval by the Board of Directors. Short term rental (weekends) is not allowed.


13. Can I have friends/family stay in my unit when I am not here?

Yes, up to 30 days maximum. They must follow all house rules.


14. Is there a place to store my bike?

Yes. Storage space is available in the garage. Common space usage is defined in the CHS Condo Associations By-laws.


15. Is there an elevator?



16. Is there a fire alarm system?

Yes, throughout the building.


17. Is there a fire sprinkler system?

Yes, throughout the building.


18. Is there a postal service? 

Yes, there are indoor mailboxes with daily mail service.


19. Is internet service provided? 

Yes, there is a high-speed internet feed provided to every unit at no extra charge.  A modern, business, mesh WiFi system was recently installed.  The new wireless system is an integrated business system that can grow as our needs require.


20. Is there any TV service provided? 

Each individual unit provides their own TV service, available as a cable connect through the local telephone company.

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